500 Days of Summer Reviews and Trailer

500days500dayspictureLots of reviews about this movie are moving through the Interwebs, so here are a few links to reviews about the 500 Days of Summer, showing now at the Kentucky Theater.

Manchester Movie Examiner

If romantic comedies were more like (500) Days of Summer, they wouldn’t be anywhere near as intolerable as they are now.


The film also took a very imaginative approach to telling the story. Leaping back and forth through 500 days, the use of a narrator and split-screen scenes weave the story together. Even the impromptu dance scene in the park helped express the many emotions of the story.


Through every moment of jubilation and anxiety, Gordon-Levitt (“3rd Rock From the Sun”) makes us feel for him; he’s still so appealing even when he’s miserable, you almost don’t want to see him succeed.

Salt Lake Tribune

Webb’s visual bag of tricks is bottomless. And, throughout, he finds some of the most unique and romantic views of Los Angeles ever put to film.