“Let the Right One In” – Teenage Sweedish Vampires Cometh!

Let the Right One in GraphicWhere else would you go for teenage Swedish vampires? “Let the Right One In” plays both Friday and Saturday at midnight.

From Tribeca:

“The vampire movie has been pretty much done to “death” by this point, right? Even the good vampire flicks are sort of treading over familiar ground, yes? Longtime fans of the undead bloodsuckers have more or less accepted that the sub-genre has become a fairly anemic wasteland, true? Normally I’d have to reluctantly agree with those assertions, but fortunately I caught a really excellent Swedish film this morning called Let the Right One In. Not only does this fantastic little import add a lot of new color to the “vampire flick,” but it also turns out to be one of the strangest, stickiest, and (yes) sweetest horror movies I’ve seen in ten years.”  [continue reading review]

Check out the intense trailer here.

New York Times Review