You Basterds!

inglourious-basterds-posterInglourious Basterds opens at the Kentucky this Friday, Sept 25. Director Quentin Tarantino takes exuberant delight in manipulating the conventions of the war movie to his own subversive ends, and the result is brutal, hilarious, and surprisingly lovely. That he sets some of the action in a beautiful old theatre makes a screening at the Kentucky all the more appropriate.

For exactly as much as it’s worth, the @KentuckyTheater Twitter Team unanimously votes for IB as the single finest film to come out so far this year.

So, come see it (again, perhaps; if you’ve seen it already, you know it’s well worth the while) at the finest theatre in town. This weekend (Sept 25 & 26) only, if you hit the 7:00 show, you could grab a late supper after and still have time to make the Midnight of A Clockwork Orange for a glorious double dose of the old ultra-violence.

IMDB Rotten Tomatoes (88%)