A Single Man-with Colin Firth and Juliana Moore opens Friday 1/15

singleman.posterDescribed by novelist Edmund White as “one of the first andsingleman.malecouple best novels of the modern gay liberation movement,” Isherwood’s “A Single Man” presents a stream-of-consciousness portrait of a middle-aged gay man, known only as George, going about his daily routine in early ‘60s LA. Ford’s script remains fairly close in spirit to the original but departs from it in one major direction: Here, Brit expat George Falconer (Colin Firth) is so bereft over the recent death of his longtime companion, Jim (Matthew Goode), in a car accident, that he’s planning to commit suicide.

Action is confined to a single day, during which George puts his affairs insingleman.bed order. Telling no one of his plans, he follows what’s clearly a routine schedule — bantering with his housekeeper (Paulette Lamori), exchanging polite pleasantries with the all-American family next door and teaching his English class at a small college.  The trailer is a must watch.