Pedro Almodovar and Penelope Cruz: Broken Embraces Opens Fri Jan 29 (Spanish w/English Subtitles)

broken.embraces.posterThe wait is over for this much anticipated film from Spanish director Pedro Almodovar. 

Sex, cinema and fate — three of Almodovar’s favorite subjects — are lovingly examined in his “Broken Embraces.”

So, for that matter, is Penelope Cruz, the Spanish auteur’s main muse and an actress who lately has elevated just about everything she appears in.broken.embraces.beach

A blend of Alfred Hitchcock mystery and swooning melodrama, “Embraces” unfolds in the past and the present to tell a tale of illicit love, betrayal, revenge and, finally, personal and artistic triumph.

broken.embraces.couchThere are two interweaving stories, one of which is told in flashback. There is a movie within the movie. There is what you might call the director’s cut of the movie within the movie.  And there is lots of metatextual stuff about moviemaking and movie-watching, and voyeurism and dual identities and playacting.broken.embraces.hug

In other words, don’t miss it. Watch the trailer.