Crazy Heart: Audiences are coming back a second time and bringing their friends!

As has-been country singer Bad Blake, Jeff Bridges looks like something scraped off the bowling alleys he’s been reduced to playing. His beard redefines scraggly. His guitar can’t hide his gut. His voice croaks from cigarettes, booze and one-night stands that earned him four divorce decrees. But this Bad boy can write songs and sing them like they’re torn from his insides, even though Bad’s headliner days are behind him and he has a habit of puking between songs. It’s a juicy, career-crowning role, and Bridges — a master of subtle brilliance — plays the hell out of it. Not by showing off but by going bone-deep into a character who only thinks he’s running on empty. Bridges just turned 60, and he’s still the most underrated actor in America. Crazy Heart may finally win him the Oscar that’s unfairly eluded him. Crazy Heart offers the pleasure of watching a great actor at the peak of his form. Watch the trailer