Allstar Cast in “Cyrus” Opens July 16

Starring John C. Riley, Marisa Tomei, Jonah Hill and Catherine Keener. With John’s social life at a standstill and his ex—wife about to get remarried, a down on his luck divorcee finally meets the woman of his dreams, only to discover she has another man in her life — her son. Written and directed by Jay and Mark Duplass, the iconoclastic filmmaking team behind Sundance Film Festival favorite THE PUFFY CHAIR, CYRUS takes an insightful and funny look at love and family in contemporary Los Angeles. trailer

Final days for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse. Ends Tuesday July 20

Summer Movie Classics for Wednesday July 21: The original 3-D movies from 1953: The Creature From the Black Lagoon and It Came From Outer Space.  And you certainly won’t want to miss Episode 9 of Flash Gordon Conquers the Universe: Fighting the Fire Dragon when Aura has Flash drugged to make him lose his memory.