Michael Caine is “Harry Brown”: Final Week!

Harry Brown lets Michael Caine show us his action-hero side one more time in a film that Charles Bronson would have been proud to call his own. This British Death is about a lonely pensioner (Caine) whose wife is in a home. Harry is a man with a past, and when his best friend is killed, he decides to act.

The script takes us into the parallel world of a police detective (Emily Mortimer) just trying to fit in with the boys’ club that is her precinct. As in Death Wish, one cop suspects Harry, and that’s her. But her colleagues aren’t that interested when a lot of pretty awful crooks turn up dead.

 Caine, however, is magnificent. This is not some laughable Stallone-boxing-at-60 exercise in vanity. He’s an old man playing an old man, but one who lived through experiences that both scarred him for life and prepared him for his final test. trailer