Secretariat: A Big Horse, a Bigger Story on the Biggest Screen in Town-Opens Oct 8 (PG)

NOTE: Of all the theatres they could have picked, we are honored that Disney Studios chose the Kentucky Theatre for a special Preview Event on October 3 with proceeds going to the Secretariat Foundation.

Based on the remarkable true story, SECRETARIAT chronicles the spectacular journey of the 1973 Triple Crown winner.  Housewife and mother Penny Chenery (DIANE LANE) agrees to take over her ailing father’s Virginia-based Meadow Stables, despite her lack of horse-racing knowledge.

Even though the name and story of Secretariat, with records that still stand today, is well known, the film manages to bring a dramatic tension that will have audiences wringing their hands during races, jumping in their seats, and regularly tearing up. And for a story the outcome of which we already know!  That is one of the many reasons this film is special and will be a prominent contender next awards season.

Diane Lane is at her elegant, cool, intelligent best, as “housewife” Penney, who is given a second chance at life assuming this fabulous shiny beast as her charge.  She surprises the male dominated and cut throat world of horse breeding and racing at a time when women were just beginning to liberate themselves from socially mandated domestic roles. 

Superb supporting performances from John Malkovich as the volatile and style challenged trainer, to breakout star Nelsan (sic) Ellis as the groom, and excellent character actress Margo Martindale as family retainer Miss Ham, serve the film’s pedigree. trailer