Exclusive Films This Week: Award Winning “Bully” and “How to Grow a Band” Open Friday April 20

It will infuriate you. It will distress you. “Bully” will absolutely move you. The film is a shocking eye-opener into the world of the bullied. It gives the audience a look into the lives of kids like 12-year-old Alex, whose life is a living nightmare. From the beginning of his story, we see Alex subjected to both mental and physical abuse with just about every interaction he has with other schoolchildren.

Special Event: Following the 7:30pm show on Friday, April 20 we will host a panel discussion on the subject with participants from several youth advocate organizations. trailer

In “How to Grow a Band”, 26-year-old Chris Thile is at a crossroads. His marriage has ended, and his platinum-selling band, Nickel Creek, has gone on “indefinite hiatus.” But Thile, a perfectionist prodigy who’s defied expectations since he learned the mandolin at age five, has a plan. Step 1: Write a 45-minute, four-movement elegy to your failed marriage to be played by a bluegrass quintet. Step 2: Recruit the only musicians around talented enough to play it and crazy enough to sign on. Step 3: Make a record, launch an international tour and brace yourself. The Punch Brothers trailer