“Blue Like Jazz” Opens Friday, April 27

Blue Like Jazz is not sitcom-style story telling. It’s not neat. You will be uncomfortable. You will laugh. You may even cry. There are twists and there are turns. It’s gritty and edgy. Like many of the people who read the book, you might even see some aspect of yourself in the film. And it’s even got a little controversy, with some churches protesting the film.

It’s odd because the film is not a criticism of church or even faith. It’s one man’s story that a lot of people seem to like. It is an invitation to look at the complexities of living out your faith, your purpose in life and loving people along the way.

We live in an age of accountability and transparency. Community is king. The fact that Blue Like Jazz is in theatres is because 4,500 people decided it should be. The movie, like the book, will strike a chord. Although it has been called a “coming of age” film, I think it’s a “Isn’t it about time we had this conversation film?” Sonya Denyse, Huffington Post

The movie was made possible by the efforts of fans who refused to see the project die. A campaign on KickStarter was started after a  blog post that the project was dead due to the lack of backers. By the end of the funding period, Save Blue Like Jazz had raised $345,992 (of the $125,000 goal or 276%) from 4495 backers. That earned the project a Hall of Fame ranking on KickStarter as the highest funded project ever. trailer