Lee Daniels’ THE BUTLER Opens Friday, August 16; Final Week: THE WAY WAY BACK; THE TITANIC (1953) is Wednesday’s Classic; KOMEDY AT THE KENTUCKY-Midnite Saturday, August 17

Lee_Daniels_The_Butler_38813Gut-wrenching and emotionally affecting, LEE DANIELS’ THE BUTLER features a phenomenal all-star cast. Forest Whitaker plays the fictional Cecil Gaines (based on Eugene Allen who worked at the White House during eight presidential terms from 1952 to 1986.) He started as a “pantry man,” was promoted to butler, and then Maître d’hôtel.

Cecil comes to the White House from the Deep South. Raised on a cotton plantation, he saw his mother raped by the plantation owner’s son, who then shot Cecil’s father when he objected. Moved indoors to wait on the owner, young Cecil learns to serve, then more formally learns his trade working at a hotel in the city. After finding his way to a butler post at the top hotel in Washington, D.C., he is noticed by someone from the White House, vetted and hired. It’s a highly prestigious position, expected to be unseen and unhearing as the fate of the world is decided by the people they serve. trailer

Missing Link Entertainment presents: KOMEDY AT THE KENTUCKY midnite Saturday featuring Kenny Howell, Tyler Craig, Nate Washington and Lury Starks with DJ Green. Advance tickets available online.

Titanic_1953_filmWednesday’s Classic is the 1953 version of THE TITANIC, starring Clifton Webb and Barbara Stanwyck! trailer