SNOWPIERCER opens Friday in the Kentucky; OBVIOUS CHILD held over in the State; AN AMERICAN TAIL Friday and Saturday matinee; MARY POPPINS is Wednesday’s Classic

imagesSNOWPIERCERSNOWPIERCER: Based on the French graphic novel Le Transperceneige by Jacques Lob and Jean-Marc Rochette, is set in a near future where humanity’s attempt to reverse global warming goes horribly awry and a new Ice Age is cast upon the planet. trailer   obvious child


OBVIOUS CHILD: For aspiring comedian Donna Stern, everyday life as a female twenty-something provides ample material for her incredibly relatable brand of humor. On stage, Donna is unapologetically herself, joking about topics as intimate as her sex life and as crude as her day-old underwear. But when Donna gets dumped, loses her job, and finds herself pregnant just in time for Valentine’s Day, she has to navigate the murky waters of independent adulthood for the first time. trailer   AMERICANTALE


AN AMERICAN TAIL: An animated film that tells an overly familiar story in terms children can easily understand. Fievel Mousekewitz and his family of Russian-Jewish mice escape from their homeland in the late 1800s, boarding a boat headed toward America to evade the Czarist rule of the Russian cats. Fievel, however, is separated from his family upon his arrival in New York City, and he discovers to his horror that there are cats in America too. trailer mary poppins penquins


MARY POPPINS: “Practically Perfect In Every Way” Mary Poppins flies out of the windy London skies and into the home of two mischievous children. With the help of a carefree chimney sweep named Bert (Dick Van Dyke), the spirited nanny turns every chore into a game and every day into a “Jolly Holiday.” trailer