BOYHOOD and THE ONE I LOVE are held over one more week. Midnight fun: Friday 9/12 THE GOONIES, Saturday 9/13 THE LOST BOYS; VALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS is Wednesday’s Rosa Goddard’s international film. LEXINGTON LATINO FILM FESTIVAL STARTS 9/18!

boyhoodBOYHOOD: Filmed over 12 years with the same cast, Richard Linklater’s BOYHOOD is a groundbreaking story of growing up as seen through the eyes of a child named Mason, who literally grows up on screen before our eyes. trailer theoneilove

THE ONE I LOVE: An original tale that continues to showcase McDowell’s keen observations of human relationships with a distinct and comedic voice. On the brink of separation, and Sophie escape to a beautiful vacation house for a weekend getaway. trailer

valerieVALERIE AND HER WEEK OF WONDERS: Valerie is the young teenage girl who lives with her grandmother. She feels the first stirring of sexual awareness when a carnival parade comes to town. Eagle is the young man who presents her with a pair of magic earrings. Her fantasy adventures begin when she imagines she is the daughter of a bishop with a hideous visage. trailer goonies

GOONIES: The film follows a group of misfit kids  as they search for buried treasure in a subterranean cavern. Here they cross the path of lady criminal Mama Fratelli and her outlaw brood. trailer.

lost boys

THE LOST BOYS: A single mom and her two sons become involved with a pack of vampires when they move into an offbeat Northern California town. trailer




Avenues received the award for the best narrative feature at the 2014 Sacramento Film & Music Festival. Director Aaref Rodriguez and Star Hector Atreyu Ruiz will be at the Kentucky for opening night reception.  WUKY official sponsor.



AVENUESAVENUES:Saul Sanchez returns home to the rough Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park after serving a decade-long prison sentence. Once back, begins writing a letter to his estranged daughter and begins a journey of self-discovery amid pressure from his gangland Avenidas familia. Based on a true story, “Avenues” tells a deeply personal story of fatherhood and the isolation felt by former convicts. trailer

whoisdayanichristalWHO IS DAYANI CHRISTAL: The body of an unidentified immigrant is found in the Arizona Desert. In an attempt to retrace the path and discover his story, director Marc Silver and Gael Garcia Bernal embed themselves among migrant travelers on their own mission to cross the border.trailer

rudi y cursiRUDO Y CURSI:Beto and Tato are a pair of rivaling, dim-witted brothers who work on a dusty banana ranch and play soccer for their local team. Beto, a goalie whose hot temper on the field earns him the nickname of Rudo, dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, while Tato wants to be a famous singer. They both share the dream of building a big house for their mother, Elvira, but all of their desires seem completely out of reach, that is, until a talent scout, Batuta, discovers their skill on the field. trailer

SOMBRAS DE AZULSOMBRAS DE AZUL:In the wake of her brother’s suicide, a young Mexican woman journeys to the place he’d always dreamt of going – Cuba – where, through tortured ruminations and the guidance of a devoted stranger, she searches for answers, and must decide whether to open herself up to love and loss once again. trailer


The UK Activities Board presents HOUNDMOUTH at the Kentucky Theatre Thursday, September 18 at 8:00pm.  Tickets available at

Coming September 25th @ 7:00PM Raising Ms President.  A 60 minute documentary exploring some of the reasons women don’t run for public office.  Written and directed by Lexington Native  Kiley Lane Parker.