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Twitter is an amazing tool for building fast, loosely bound communities and connecting them with lightweight methods.

The Kentucky Theater is All About Community

The Kentucky Theater will be sending on some things over Twitter thanks to our “Twitter Team” (more info soon) of volunteers and staff who will try hard to keep the stream healthy and accurate.  Our goal is to equip a group of people with the ability to answer questions and help the community, but we’re not quite there yet.

Will You Answer Questions on Twitter?

The Theater does not have large staff, but there is an enthusiastic one!  So,  you may not get an immediate answer to your questions, especially when it’s after hours or during a busy screening – but we ARE listening and we do want to hear what you have to tweet.  As we grow, we’ll surely find new ways to make Twitter help our audience get fresh news, reviews and impressions about what’s going on at the Kentucky (and downtown Lexington)

Follow us today at

If you’re interested in being a part of the Twitter team, let us know.